VAV Diffusers


The Holyoake CVT diffuser is a standalone pressure dependant VAV diffuser, designed to automatically control a conditioned space without the need for a complex controller or a wall mounted thermostat. Because all of the control components are built into the CVT diffuser, all that is required is a 24 VAC feed (optional transformer available) and a system static pressure control device.
The CVT diffuser utilises the induced room air flowing over an on-board sensing element to control the space temperature. The temperature set point for the occupied space can be directly adjusted from the face of the diffuser, or via an infrared remote control (option). Incorporated within the diffuser is a supply air temperature sensor that reverses the action of the damper depending on whether the supply air system is in heating or cooling mode. The damper is controlled by a time proportional floating actuator that gives the diffuser an infinite range of adjustment between the minimum and maximum settings.
By combining the flexibility of a fully integrated standalone control system with excellent air distribution performance, the CVT diffuser becomes the solution of choice for any VAV diffuser application.

  • Standalone control.
  • Adjustable set point.
  • Concealed room temperature sensor.
  • Fully modulating damper.
  • Reverse acting for heating.
  • Excellent air distribution.
  • Infrared remote control option.