Air Control & Monitoring

Touchscreen Room Pressure Monitor

The Touchscreen Room Pressure Monitor (PMT) is the most advanced pressure monitor on the market. Designed specifically to meet the needs of Compounding Pharmacies, Isolation Rooms and Operating Rooms, the PMT provides single or multi-room pressure monitoring while utilising industry-first maintenance-free pressure sensors.
The PMT boasts a high resolution, 109.2mm (4.3 inch) capacitive touchscreen display. Powered by Android, the interface is highly intuitive and simple to navigate. The screen and 180° side-view illuminate to indicate room status. Audible alarms are available for additional room status indication ensuring building staff are able to verify changes in room status immediately.
In addition, the PMT features the ability to report room temperature, room humidity and air change rate via BACnet allowing for all critical room information to be available at a central information display