Rigid Steel Duct

Spiro-Loc is a light weight sheet metal tubing, machine made in a spiral form from metal strip coil stock.
The four ply lock seam strengthens the circular shape, ensuring rigidity up to 600mm in diameter using 0.95 mm material, or 500mm diameter in a lighter gauge. Additional rigidity and crushing strength can be achieved by incorporating one or two external swages.
  • Wall thickness available between 0.45mm and 0.95mm.
  • Profile construction available as standard plain, single or double swage.
  • Diameters available between 100mm and 1500mm.
  • Section lengths available from 750mm up to 6m.
  • Plain or insulated options available.
  • Insulation is comprised of a lofted polyester blanket and a 100 micron polyethylene vapour barrier outer sleeve.