Semi Rigid Aluminium Duct

Spiro-Set is a light weight air duct, machine formed into a continuous spiral using aluminium strip coil stock, corrugated and seamed with a four ply lock seam. This creates an airtight tube which can be easily cut to length and bent by hand to conform to a desired duct route, without altering its full circular cross section. As a result, Spiro-Set will retain whatever configuration is required and is self supporting over its normal maximum length of 3 metres. Spiro-Set is available plain (without insulation), thermally insulated, or acoustic (perforated) insulated.

  • Compliant with NZBC Energy Efficiency requirements from H1/VM3 Clause 5.2.1.
  • Tested in accordance with AS 1530.3, Spiro-Set received 0s for ignitability, spread of flame and heat evolved, and a smoke developed rating of 1.
  • Available in plain, insulated or acoustic options.
  • Insulation is comprised of a lofted polyester blanket and a 100 micron polyethylene vapour barrier outer sleeve.
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