Fire & Smoke Dampers

Fire & Smoke Dampers

Holyoake HFS motorised fire, smoke, and combination fire and smoke dampers, impede the spread of fire and smoke through ducted air systems whilst maintaining barrier integrity. Self-contained as fire and smoke dampers, and externally operable by a spring return actuator, the HFS damper offers supreme fire and smoke leakage performance due to the unique patented sealing system.

HFS Fire and Smoke Dampers Rating

HFS leakage-rated, fire and smoke dampers have undergone rigorous testing in accordance with AS 1530.4 – 2014 and AS 1530.7:2007, comfortably meeting the stringent leakage integrity rates of, aligned with the European ISO Standard 10294-1 ‘S’ Classification.

In fire rating tests conducted according to Standard AS 1530.4 – 2014, HFS fire and smoke dampers demonstrated exceptional integrity for over 4 hours. Compliant with the Australian Construction Code and New Zealand Building Code, they hold an impressive Fire Resistance Level (FRL) or Fire Resistance Rating (FRR) of –/240/–, making them a trusted choice for fire and smoke safety in your projects.

  • Tested to AS 1530.4:2014 achieving a four hour fire rating.
  • Tested to AS 1530.7:2007 with performance requirements from AS 1682.1:2015 for smoke and air dampers.
  • Passed leakage integrity rates based on ISO 10294-1 ‘S’ Classification.
  • Single sections available up to 1200mm (wide) x 1200mm (high).
  • Multiple sections available up to 2400mm (wide) x 2400 (high) in a 2×2 configuration.
  • Multiple ducted connections are available in a multiple section damper configuration.
  • Installation permitted in both the horizontal and vertical plane (specify when ordering).
  • Airflow and fire rated from either direction when installed in a wall.