VAV Terminals

Single Duct VAV Terminal

Holyoake HCV range of controlled volume assemblies and accessories has been specifically designed to meet the requirements of either of two major design concepts: (1) velocity reset control where a constant volume flow is maintained or (2) static pressure control which will maintain a constant downstream static pressure.

  • Designed for volume control by velocity rest at the assembly or for static pressure control in response to variable orifice air diffusers.
  • Maintains either controlled flow or constant static pressure irrespective of fluctuations in upstream pressures.
  • Able to control temperature in the space served by one or more air diffusers.
  • Accessories:
    •  Attenuator.
    •  One or two row hot water heating coil.
    •  Electric heater.
    •  Multiple dampered outlet adapter.
    •  Round outlet adapter.
  • Electric heater features:
    • Non-combustible heat screen liner.
    • Finned elements comprising 304 stainless steel fins.
    • Electrical box containing heater terminals, power relays, over-temp stat, and wiring to terminal block.
    • Cover held by screws accessible from the sides.
    • Manual reset over-temp stats.
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