VAV Terminals

Fan Assisted VAV Terminal – Parallel

The Holyoake model HFCP is a parallel type fan-assisted VAV assembly which offers a robust unitary construction which has been designed to provide optimum performance with minimum noise and maximum reliability. The primary air enters the valve and flows directly into the distribution duct. At reduced volumes, the fan is called into operation causing secondary air to flow parallel to the primary air, mixing with it before entering the distribution duct. The fan therefore runs intermittently.

  • Eliminates the need for a discharge plenum.
  • Reduces airborne and radiated noise levels to a minimum.
  • Simplifies ductwork connections.
  • Offers compatibility with all accessories available for the HCV series.
  • All HFCP terminals are furnished with:

    • Backdraft damper.
    • Secondary air inlet filter.
    • Two or three speed fan motor.
    • Variable speed controller.
    • Access for motor/rotor service, or replacement, without removal of the assembly.
    • Fully removable bottom panel.
  • Accessories:
    • One or two row hot water heating coil(s).
    • Electric heater.
    • Inlet attenuator type ST2, with two row core, or type ST4, a double banked assembly consisting of a four row core, 400mm deep.
    • ‘EU2’ washable type filter media, fitted to the front of the backdraft damper, inlet attenuator, or hot water coil(s) as applicable.
    • Outlet attenuator.
    • Multiple dampered outlet adapter.
    • Round outlet adapter.
    • Standard backdraft damper.