Adjustable Diffusers

Ceiling Multi-Pattern Diffuser – Thermal Core

The CMP-TL diffuser has been developed as a lower cost alternative to the CMP-T. It delivers a large volume of air and the same exceptional pattern change characteristics of the CMP-T. This diffuser is based on the proven CMP range, but with the added benefit of supplying a vertical stream of air when the air conditioning system is in heating mode. This vertical stream is supplied through a central core controlled by a thermally actuated damper. The damper will close when supply air temperatures are below 24°C and open when supply air temperatures are above 30°C.
The diffuser is designed to “lay-in” to a standard T-Rail ceiling system, and can be mounted in a solid ceiling. Duct entry must be vertical onto the back of the diffuser, to ensure a vertical projection through the thermally actuated damper.
  • Automatic air pattern change.
  • High air flow capabilities.
  • Four-way horizontal air flow pattern.
  • Vertical airstream on heating mode.
  • Modern architectural design with removable core.
  • Lay-in diffuser size.
  • Durable powder coat finish.