Directional Diffusers

Ceiling Multi-Pattern Diffuser – Horizontal Blade

Intended for the reduced volumetric flow levels typically associated with VAV systems, the CMPH series of diffusers was developed to increase the acceptable application range of multi-pattern type ceiling outlets.
This variation on the basic CMP series increases the induction rate by adding a horizontal blade to each blade, ensuring rapid mixing of supply and room air, to produce a strong ceiling effect at lower flows and minimal dumping.
These diffusers are also ideal for lower than normal ceiling heights, or low fixed volume air flows such as those usually found in centre zones.
In general, the CMPH diffusers operate at a higher pressure, noise level, and throw distance than the equivalent model CMP at the same flow.
  • All aluminium lightweight construction.
  • Precision mitred corners.
  • Selection of frame styles.
  • Variety of throw patterns.
  • Snap-in interchangeable cores.
  • Tough powder coat finish.
  • Lightweight Premi-Aire™ and galvanised cushion head boxes available.
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