Linear bar Grilles

Linear Bar Grille – Heavy Duty

LDH-2500 linear bar grilles are designed for supply and return air distribution in heating, cooling and ventilating applications which call for diffusers having long or continuous slender appearance, fixed air discharge angles of zero or 15 degrees, and installed in walls, floors, sills or ceilings.

Product Accessories
  • The LDH-2500 linear return/exhaust diffuser has heavy bar type louvres (5.1mm x 16mm) spaced at 25mm centres with a 0° deflection.
  • It is available in any desired length and can also be supplied with alternative frame types including the PMF system and RC frame.
  • Model LDH-2515 is also available – same construction as the LDH-2500 but with angled 15° fixed blades.
  • Where heavy duty application is required, specify LDHF-2500 to signify heavier construction.
  • These grilles have double mullions and frame style 4 solid surround.
  • Not suitable for floor applications.