Perforated Diffusers

Perforated Supply Diffuser – High Secure

The Holyoake CPSHS diffuser has been designed to provide a medium- to high-level of security for “At Risk” and “High Security” areas within prisons, detention centres, and holding cells.
The CPSHS is manufactured from 304 stainless steel for easy wash down and is fitted with a single piece construction face plate. This ensures no ledges and, with a long welded sleeve with neck clamping flanges, eliminates the need for face fixings. Coupled with the small 2mm diameter holes, the Holyoake CPSHS has all the attributes “High Security” areas demand.
  • Highly secure, heavy duty construction.
  • Neck clamping flanges for secure diffuser fixing.
  • 1.2mm thick perforated stainless steel diffusion plate.
  • One piece construction face plate for maximum security.
  • 2mm diameter holes for 40% free area.
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