Swirl Diffusers

Ceiling Slot Swirl Diffuser

The Holyoake CSS range of square- and round-face ceiling slot swirl diffusers have been designed to provide attractive, unobtrusive, high-quality indoor air diffusion.
The CSS is comprised of slots in a radial angled pattern that produce a circular swirling airflow. The CSS is able to achieve high room air diffusion quality, due to the swirling motion of the discharge. Strong induction draws room air up into the supply air flow path, which results in mixing at high levels, reducing draughts and uneven temperature gradients.
The airflow pattern from the CSS can be easily adjusted from the diffuser face, without the need to access the rear of the diffuser. By rotating the pattern blades, the airflow can be directed to an external (horizontal), reduced throw (horizontal), or vertical discharge swirl. It can also be used for exhaust situations by either removing the pattern blades or adjusting them to the horizontal position.
Other directional airflow patterns can be achieved by blade adjustment, refer to your local Holyoake branch.
  • Unique convex profile adjustable pattern blades.
  • Infinite range of throw patterns.
  • Low noise operation.
  • Strong ceiling effect.
  • High induction swirl.
  • Easy lay-in installation.
  • Available in steel or aluminium construction.
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