Swirl Diffusers

Swirl Fixed Round Aluminium Diffuser

The Holyoake SFRA model of circular radial swirl diffusers has been designed to provide exceptional indoor air diffusion.
The SFRA has fixed pattern radial blades producing a high induction swirl airflow pattern, that presents a stylish and effective alternative to other conventional circular or square ceiling diffusers. The SFRA diffusers are designed to produce rapid temperature equalisation, via a horizontal radial air pattern, achieved with a turbulent high induction swirl and are ideally suited for applications with increased temperature differentials.
The SFRA diffusers are ideally suited to VAV applications, where ceiling effect is maintained from minimal through to high airflow rates.
  • Strong ceiling effect.
  • Radial diffusion pattern.
  • High induction swirl.
  • Lightweight spun aluminium construction.
  • Easy installation.
  • Attractive appearance.
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