VAV Diffusers

Ceiling Fixed Pattern Radial Swirl VAV Diffuser

The Holyoake CFPP–VAV is an externally controlled pressure dependant VAV diffuser, complete with an adjustable blade control damper, positioned by a 24 VAC variable actuator via a 0-10 VDC control signal. Control of the diffuser is via a room thermostat and building management system (supply and installation by others).
Designed to control the temperature in a space by having the ability to change the supply air volume between a minimum and maximum;
the CFPP-VAV comprises of swirl deflection blades that produce a radial airflow pattern, highly turbulent for rapid temperature equalisation, producing stable room space conditions with even temperature gradients. The CFPP-VAV is able to achieve high room air diffusion quality due to this strong induction swirl pattern it produces. This draws room air up into the supply air flow path, which results in mixing at high levesls, reducing the chance of draughts and optimising room space conditions.
The CFPP-VAV diffuser is able to maintain the COANDA effect from minimal through to high airflow rates.
  • Strong ceiling effect.
  • Radial diffusion pattern.
  • High induction swirl.
  • Easy lay-in installation.
  • Attractive appearance.