Fire & Smoke Dampers

Fire & Smoke Dampers

Holyoake LR fire and smoke dampers have been meticulously engineered to thwart the spread of both fire and smoke between building compartments, preserving the barriers integrity. Featuring a low-leakage blade assembly, enhanced by a blade tip sealing ring, forming an impervious barrier against flames, smoke, and high-temperature gases.

LR fire and smoke dampers are exceptionally versatile, suitable for all applications: fire, fire and smoke, smoke, or air (smoke exhaust) dampers. These units can also be effortlessly adjusted to balance airflow and their installation, maintenance, and testing are swift and straightforward. Each unit is supplied with mounting flanges, a jubilee clip, and a patented heat shield for plasterboard applications.

LR Fire and Smoke Dampers Rating

Undergoing stringent testing in compliance with Standards AS 1530.4 – 2014 and AS 1530.7 – 2007, these dampers consistently maintained their integrity for over four hours and exhibited minimal smoke leakage below 50l/s.

As per the New Zealand Building Code, the LR100 to LR250 dampers achieve an impressive Fire Resistance Rating (FRR) of -/240/- when installed in masonry walls/floors and -/120/- in plasterboard walls, timber-framed floors, and Hebel systems. For the LR300 and LR350 dampers, the FRR is -/90/- when installed in masonry walls/floors, plasterboard walls, timber-framed floors, and Hebel systems.

  • Tested to AS 1530.4:2014 achieving a four hour fire rating.
  • Tested to AS 1530.7:2007 with performance requirements from AS 1682.1:2015 for smoke and air dampers.
  • LR series dampers feature simple installation with a flat head screwdriver and a patented clamping system:
    • No sealant.
    • No fixings required.
  • Minimal on-site labour.
  • Optional actuator and attachment required for smoke damper functionality.
  • Easy test and reset fusible link.
  • Adjustable blade for airflow balancing.
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