Linear Slot Diffusers

Ceiling Slot Diffuser – Fixed Pattern

The Holyoake CSDF Fixed Pattern Slot Diffuser is designed with the factory set pattern blades and frame, providing unobtrusive, draughtless air distribution over a wide range of airflows. The aesthetically pleasing design makes the CSDF ideally suited to contemporary building interiors.
The unique diffuser construction provides an excellent ceiling effect, particularly in variable volume applications where horizontal throws are required.
A range of handing options are available to suit various throw requirements.
  • Available in one to eight slots with two slot widths (19 and 25).
  • Single or bi-directional airflow patterns, factory assembled for left and/or right hand throws.
  • CSD-MF mounting frame available for ease of installation and high standard finish.
  • For use with diffuser adapter CSDA/I, plenum supply, or linear duct.
  • Square ends only.
  • Mitred corners if required.